Dental Bridge in North York: What You Need to Know

dental bridge can fill the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth and restore your smile without the need for surgery. Beyond restoring your self-confidence, a bridge will allow you to eat and speak properly and maintain the shape of your face and position of your teeth. If you are thinking about receiving a dental bridge in North York, there are a few things you should know:

1. You Will Need To Visit Your Dentist At Least Twice

As with all teeth replacement options, receiving a dental bridge requires a few visits to the dentist. The first appointment is for the preparation of the abutment teeth, which involves removing some enamel to fit a crown. At this appointment, your dentist will also make an impression of your teeth and provide you with a temporary bridge.

You will return to the clinic when your permanent bridge is ready. Your dentist may also ask you to come back a few more times to check the fit and bite. If you are receiving a fixed bridge, your dentist may use temporary cement initially before fitting the bridge permanently.

2. Dental Bridges Can Have A Long Lifespan

At a minimum, a dental bridge will last five years, but it can last much longer with proper care. By following the oral hygiene practices your dentist recommends, you can extend the lifespan of your bridge to 15 years or more. It takes discipline to keep your dental bridge.

3. At First, You Will Need To Change Your Diet

Although replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge will make eating easier, you will first need to get used to different sensation in your mouth. Start by eating only soft foods cut into small pieces.

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