Dental Filling Procedure in North York

Filling a decayed tooth is one of the most common dental procedures, but if you have never needed a dental filling procedure before, you may be unsure as to what to expect. By learning about the dental filling procedure in North York, you will arrive to the dentist prepared, free from anxiety.

Numbing The Area

You will feel nothing throughout the entire procedure, as your dentist will first numb your mouth using a local anesthetic. The anesthetic comes in the form of an injection. Many patients are fearful about this part of the procedure, but an experienced dentist can administer the injection without causing you any discomfort.

Your dentist will spray your mouth with air to dry the area and then apply a numbing gel. After one or two minutes, when the gel has had time to soak into your gums, your dentist will administer the injection.

Preparing Your Mouth

Next, your dentist will prepare your mouth by replacing a rubber dam around the decayed tooth. Your dentist may also place a bite block between your upper and lower teeth to keep your jaw open. This is important for procedures that will take some time to complete. If you are receiving a composite or ceramic filling, your dentist will also choose the right shade at this point.

Removing Decay

The dentist will remove the decay from your tooth using a dental drill and high-volume suction. He or she will start with a high-speed drill, then switch to a slow-speed handpiece, and may finish with hand instruments.

Applying The Filling

Finally, your dentist will fill the space left after the decay has been removed. The exact method depends on the type of filling you are receiving. Amalgam fillings are the fastest to complete, whereas ceramic are the most complicated and require several appointments to fit.

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