Dr. Amy Yeung, DDS, M.Sc, FRCD(C)

Dr. Amy Yeung, Periodontist in North York ON

Spend a little time with Dr. Amy Yeung, and you will soon discover that she brings a true sense of sincerity and passion to dentistry. As our in-house Periodontist, or Gum Specialist, Dr. Yeung works very closely with our patients helping them achieve healthy bone levels and gum tissue, a strong foundation to support any type of dental treatment. “My patients understand that we are partners working together to achieve periodontal health.”

A graduate of the University of Toronto, Dr. Yeung received her Master’s degree in periodontal studies and has conducted extensive research in metabolic diseases. Over the past several years, she has received a number of awards in research as well as for academics which recognize the quality and thoroughness of her work. “Usually, my patients have severe gum disease or they have missing teeth and have reached the point of needing surgery. I want to ensure that they are comfortable, understand my treatment recommendations and are motivated to work together to achieve a state of good oral health.”

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Although her periodontal practice and research studies take up a great deal of her time, Dr. Yeung and her husband love to travel and trying new recipes but right now their free time is occupied with watching their 2 girls grow!