Periodontal Services

Gum Recession

What is gum recession?
If you have a lot gum tissue around your teeth, you’re in great shape. But as we get older, we lose more and more of that gum tissue and the result is “gum recession.” The roots of the tooth that are supposed to be protected by the gum tissue are now exposed. Root sensitivity is one consequence.

The more devastating consequence is the erosion of the root surface. You’ll feel the erosion as a cupped-out or grooved portion of the root at the gum line. If your fingernail finds a depression in the root, you have erosion. That erosion worsens over time, producing a weakness in the tooth, just the same as there would be weakness in a tree if you started to chop it down with an ax.

Recontouring an uneven gumline

Gum contouring is a simple procedure in which Drs. Sheldon and Furtado gently sculpt the gumline to a more beautiful shape. There are several potential causes of uneven gums, including genetics.
Any periodontal disease or other oral health problems that are present will need to be treated before, or in conjunction with, cosmetic procedures. In the case of gum disease, gum contouring may be incorporated into your treatment since the excess tissue can be removed easily during your other periodontal treatment.

Covering exposed roots

Exposed tooth roots, which often make the teeth look longer, are the result of gum recession. Drs. Sheldon and Furtado perform gum tissue grafting. The donor tissue can be your own, using tissue-sparing, comfortable techniques, or can be from tissue manufactured for this purpose. They will advise you of the benefits of each so that you may make the best decision for yourself.

Ridge augmentation

Dr. Lee Sheldon and Dr. Michel Furtado perform ridge augmentation when a patient has a large cleft, crease or depression in the gum. This surprisingly simple procedure is performed with a small incision to access the bone. A bit of either natural or artificial material is placed, and then the incision is closed. Over time, the bone grows around the grafting material.
Besides restoring gumline and facial support, Drs. Sheldon and Furtado use this procedure to create a stable base for dental implant placement.